EZ Spirit
Saira McLaren
Janine Polak
Lizzie Wright
Opening March 2 5-8PM

We Should Speak in Code by Janine Polak, 2009.

Essex Flowers is pleased to present EZ Spirit, an exhibition organized by Lizzie Wright in collaboration with Saira McLaren and Janine Polak. The collaboration developed through a series of conversations between the artists, earth, wind, and fire.

Wright delineated a general layout for the show, which included a makeshift theater for her video CJ's, featuring young men cliff jumping. The theater is a boulder that serves as a screen for the video projection and contains an area inside of it for private seating - a space within a space, earth cover. Saira McLaren was asked to create an aesthetic yet functional seating area for viewing CJ's, employing her rich, color-soaked painting technique and following the directives of "heat/fire." Janine Polak, working from the descriptions "air and wind," handled the walls of the gallery using her gentle touch, material handling, and subtle color shifts. The result produces a windswept atmosphere at the edges of the space - ez spirit.

Saira McLaren, Janine Polak, and Lizzie Wright all live and work in Brooklyn, NY.

Essex Flowers is a full service store front flower shop located at 365 Grand St at the corner of Essex in New York's Lower East Side. It contains cooperatively organized spaces for art and other interests for the shop's guests.

EZ Spirit will run March 1st through March 30th, with a reception for the artists on Sunday, March 2nd from 5-8 pm. Gallery hours are between 12-6 pm every Saturday, Sunday, and by appointment.


365 Grand St. New York, NY 10002

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