Opening Sunday May 25th 5 - 8PM

Image Caption: Rainer Spangl, Untitled(frame), Oil on canvas, 12.9 x 9.4 in, 2014 and Ezara Spangl, 15h, 20.5 x 16.5 in, 2014

Northeast Corner at 2

The title ‘Northeast Corner at 2’ refers to two distinct practices.
Rainer Spangl’s paintings pictorially render focus on the northeast corner of the
Art History Museum of Vienna’s painting gallery number seven. He writes:

My approach tries to set in motion a reflexive confrontation of the exhibition
space in the medium of painting. In my practice the painted picture is in a
dialectical relationship with the institution. In this way, it is an investigation of the
view within the institutional space that is the decisive aspect of the observation
at once an inclusion and an exclusion of information. Consciously engaging
different perspectives, I explore the architectural elements that characterize the
museum gallery. The selection of the field of view, the framing of the image, is in
the regime (control) of the gaze according to the location of new coordinates.

Ezara Spangl’s palette is taken from landscape studies repeatedly made in or
around two o’clock in the afternoon. Outdoor observational drawings and palette
studies are used in the studio with either a single large brush or a small brush, for
details. Flatness and the grid is involved as a system of organization. Recurring
relationships of warm and cool parts; foreground and depth; balance and chance
all come together unscripted.

Artist Lecture Series Vienna is a project by Rainer and Ezara Spangl. In Northeast
Corner at 2, four lectures from the archive of the Artist Lecture Series Vienna are
being screened. The German text of these lectures has been translated into
English and is available in the Essex Flowers gallery for reading, alongside viewing
the lecture. The lectures being presented are from: Judith Eisler, Marina Faust,
Siggi Hofer, Stefan Sandner.

Northeast Corner at 2 will run May 25th through June 22nd, with a reception for the artists on Sunday, May 25th from 5-8 pm.

Gallery hours are between 12-6 pm every Saturday, Sunday, and by appointment.

Images by: Kyle knodell