Frequencies Vol. 2: Essex Flowers + Lost Soul Enterprises

Sunday, November 17 6pm-12am
@ Beverly's 21 Essex Street NYC

Frequencies is a series of audio-visual-party-performances promoting collaboration between contemporary visual artists and DJs. For each event a guest artist is invited to select an evening of video content, while the Lost Soul DJs provide a live soundtrack by selecting and mixing vinyl on the fly.

On Sunday November 17, we welcome nine artists that are collectively responsible for enigmatic newcomer LES gallery Essex Flowers: Phillip Birch, Patrick Brennan, Amanda Friedman, Heather Guertin, Van Hanos, Jeffrey Tranchell, Lizzie Wright, Denise Kupferschmidt and Joshua Smith.

Earlier this year their debut group exhibition made a bold statement about the nature of DIY participation in the NYC art world. It's a statement we couldn't agree with more, and being the aesthetically diverse group that they are, this is sure to be a gorgeous, compelling, fun, and weird night of programming.

Lost Soul Enterprises resident DJs Richard Gamble, Alan Boomer, and Jackson Lee will select from a similarly diverse collection of left-field and experimental dance music, ranging from house and techno to ambient and noise and back again.

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Justin Berry
Peer Bode
Sean Joseph Patrick Carney
Amanda Friedman
Marcelo Flaibani
Laura Hunt
Kyle Knodell
Christina Leung
Rebekkah Pavlov
Juniper Perlis
Trevor Shimizu
Ben Sisto
Josh Slater
Alina Tenser
JD walsh