Patrick Brennan
Who Are You: New Paintings

Opening reception Sunday, June 29 5-8PM

Essex Flowers is pleased to present 'Who Are You', new paintings by Patrick Brennan. 'Who Are You' calls into question the relationship between the artist and the viewer. Concerned with what he can invent and scrap together from scratch, Brennan asks us to do the same and through this, offers us the freedom of discovery.
I'm interested with what happens when the making and wondering parts merge completely, working in tandem. I like being caught between the known and unknown. There is an excitement around not being able to categorize the paintings. I'm happy to see them set the viewer 'off course a bit'.
This exhibition marks Brennan's return to New York City and the completion of a new body of work, following a yearlong hiatus of living and working in a small, western New York town. Finding a new language in the isolated and unfamiliar surroundings, away from familiar settings, routines and audience, the artist's personal and emotional relationship with the work emerges front and center. Through this process, 'Who Are You' shifts to an entirely new method of symbols, marks, and compositions from previous work, including recognizable motifs like faces, moons, ghosts and hearts.
Who Are You: New Paintings runs from June 29th – July 27th.

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