Kyle Knodell: Lauren's Painting, Amanda's Kitchen, 2012

Essex Flowers is pleased to present "Personal Space" an exhibition of paintings and photographs by six artists.

Ellen Berkenblit
Josh Brand
Ann Craven
Keith Haring
Kyle Knodell
Lydia Anne McCarthy

In 1978 Diego Cortez, Steve Mass, and Anya Phillips opened The Mudd Club in a building owned by artist Ross Bleckner at 77 White St. in TriBeCa, Manhattan. The club closed 5 years later in 1983 after establishing itself as a cornerstone of the city's downtown arts and night life communities.

The artist Keith Haring curated a gallery on the fourth floor of the venue, while live performances from artists and musicians were accompanied by a host of other cultural events. At some point, and as an apparent gift to the establishment, Haring painted one of his signature "Baby" icons directly onto the wall of a basement boiler room of the club.

Some 20 years later in 2005 Bleckner sold the building at White St. Artist Joshua Abelow who now kept a studio in the basement and his artist friend Van Hanos salvaged the Haring mural before it was demolished in new construction. Bleckner gifted it to the two artists to share in joint collection. The excised mural includes the original Haring painting along with additional graffiti and the defacement of inattention and time. The work is not for sale.

We're excited to exhibit this work along with recent paintings and photographs by Berkenblit, Brand, Craven, Knodell and McCarthy. Each artist addresses a highly specific notion of "personal space", whether through literal imagery depicting intimate spaces or with practices and exhibition strategies that seek to dramatize notions of intimacy and relationships.

Essex Flowers is a full service store front flower shop located at 365 Grand St. at the corner of Delancey in New York's Lower East Side. It contains cooperatively organized spaces for art and other interests for the shop's guests.

Essex Flowers would like to extend its sincerest gratitude to; Ian J Hirsch and Dolores Scott; Saira Mclaren, and Mitchell Wright; Peter Hort and Jamie Cohen Hort; Caleb Mulvena and Mapos, LLC; and the staff of the New York City Department of Buildings, Manhattan Borough Office, in particular Richard Rosen, Senior Project Advocate. Their assistance has made art at Essex Flowers possible.

"Personal Space" will run January 12 through February 16, and maintain gallery hours between 12:00 - 6PM every Saturday, Sunday and by appointment. The exhibition will open to the public with a reception for the artists on January 12 between 5 and 8 PM.


365 Grand St. New York, NY 10002

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