Leah Beeferman and Alina Tenser
Oct 7th 7:30PM, performances begin @ 8PM

Leah Beeferman

Vegetable, Be Soap!
Alina Tenser

Leah Beeferman makes visual and sound work which creates and explores connections between information, abstraction, quantum physics, northern landscapes, and drawing. Her performance-lecture, EMPTY SPACE, is a factual and speculative framing of these connections in an attempt to understand what a true description of pure "empty space" could be. It will be followed by a screening of her sound piece, Empty space (42/40/43/78↑, 77/74/73← / 15→).

Alina Tenser is a sculpture and video artist. She is interested in performative aspects of objects and formal aspects of the body. In her first performance, Vegetable, Be Soap!, through a series of concocted ritualistic movements, Tenser will progress a potato into a bar of soap.

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Vegetable, Be Soap!

* Empty Space photos by Hannah Walsh
* Vegetable, Be Soap! photos by Hannah Walsh and Kristof Wickman