Joshua Abelow / Sonya Derman / Laura Miller / Maria Stabio / Jonathan VanDyke / Katie Vida

Anxiously Attached

An evening of performances curated by Sonya Derman and Maria Stabio

Sunday August 23rd, 2015
5-8 pm

Painting’s Gravitas. Zombie Authors (dead and resurrected). #Startthathashtag. Bound to work. Self-branded.

Paul McCarthy, Painter 2015

The evening’s works navigate the interstices of painting and performance; they link the ephemeral with the enduring, and disrupt the way an autonomous artwork is read. Complicating and questioning binaries of object-making and posturing, participating artists bridge the isolated studio and the artist’s varying relational stages.

Jonathan Van Dyke
Two-Holed Charley

Katie Vida
You May Not Be An Oil Painting, But You're a Fascinating Monster

Laura Miller
Monetary Realism collaboration with Daniela Di Donato

Maria Stabio
An Artist Talk

Sonya Derman

Joshua Abelow
Good Morning and other texts by Joshua Abelow Performed by Jamian Juliano-Villani and Brian Belott