Bailey Scieszka
All The Brown Butterflies

Friday, February 26th -- 8pm
Saturday, February 27th -- 8pm
Sunday, February 28th -- 2pm

Come early, space is limited.

Essex Flowers is proud to present All The Brown Butterflies, a puppet play in three acts written by, directed by, and starring Bailey Scieszka.

Stifled by her limited means and abilities, Old Put turns to Craigslist in an effort to produce her artistic vision, an homage to her one true muse, the quasi-celebrity personal injury lawyer Joumana. Unfortunately the finished product is one more life-like than Old Put bargained for.

Dealing with themes of production and authorship in an era of excessive resources and out sourced labor All The Brown Butterflies chronicles a young artist's struggle to create work both relevant to her times and true to her vision.

All The Brown Butterflies will be performed three times through out the weekend:

8pm Friday February 26th
8pm Saturday February 27th
2pm Sunday February 28th