Christina Leung
Current Arrangement, or
How It Looks Divided Up Like This

March 1 - March 29
Opening Sunday, March 1, 6 to 8

Plywood sheets stand upright, paired together via hinges, partitioning the long gallery. They act as folding screens, obscuring vision and space. Each sheet is uniquely punctured, and some are more unwieldy than others. And some wear temporary tattoos.

The cut-out and tattoo images are citations, nods to specific moments that are just right: Paul Gauguin’s Woman with a Mango, Ettore Sottsass’ Del Diavolo Mirror, Ikea’s plush carrot toy, to name a few.

Because the cut-outs vary with each sheet, the shapes can overlap, slipping in and out of view depending on the body's relationship to the room. The installation will be reconfigured twice throughout the duration of the exhibition. The folding screens are inherently resistant to a singular configuration because they are temporary walls made with moving parts. These objects and installations participate in the conversation of repetition, recoding, and reenacting that at once confuse and register information.